Peel Force Tester JE PFT-500
Product Introduction
.Peel angles may be set from 165-180°
.Two way Software-Machine communication
Function Explanation

.The JE PFT-500 can be easily linked to any type of computer.1
.The JE PFT-500 is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows and easily installed.
.The JE PFT-500 has the following features:
Adjustable parameters: Company name, operator name, file name2, upper/lower peel force limits, cutout length3, test length4, peel speed5, load limit setting6, manual/automatic operation mode7.
a. Data Input: cover tape specification, carrier tape specification, sealing    conditions, type of Taping machine, testing environment, etc. as well as all input parameters.
b. Data Process: maximum Peel Force, minimum Peel Force, Peel Force range, Peel Force average, testing data deviation.
.The force gage installed in our machine can be adjusted transversely or  angularly, and the testing sample can be easily aligned.
.The height of the machine’s clamp may be adjusted for carrying out tests of  carrier tapes of any Ko value.
.As soon as the software begins to run, the force gage will tare automatically.
.The length and force scales adjust automatically as required by the data.8
.The JE PFT-500 prints Chinese /English testing reports and QC checklists.9
.The software interface supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English.
.Automatic Port Detection

Specification Explanation
Safe Authentication
Other Explanations2
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