Embossed Carrier Tape making machine (flat mode) TB-210
Product Introduction
.High Precision Automatic Locating Mechanism
.Easy Mold Exchange
.Uses an in-line pin gear to verify sprocket hole  positioning
Function Explanation

Specifications / Features: 
一. Specifications:
.Dimensions: 2000mmx500mmx1400mm
. Power Source: 220V/110V @ 60Hz
. Air Source Pressure: 6kg/cm2
. Color: Cream (60)
. Weight: Approx. 150kg
. Performance: 245 meters of carrier tape/hour (depending on emboss depth)
. Tape Input Range: 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44, 56 mm
. Max. Emboss Depth: 20mm
. Diameter of input carrier tape reel: 76mm inner, 610mm outer.

二. Features:
.Accurate taping (edge to sprocket hole centerline accuracy: 0.01mm)
.Heating mould may be changed with ease.
. High playback position accuracy
. Feed and collect systems feature buffering control.
. Stable Production.

三. Hardware Requirements:
.CD measuring system (including PC and software)
. Air Source (compressor, dryer, oil-water separator)
. Cooling system (ice-cold water cooling may be used)

四. Peripheral Hardware:
.Edge trimming machine
. Twining machine.

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