SMD Disposable Materials
Product Introduction
.Made according to EIA-481 Standard
.Carrier tape, cover tape, and plastic reels with  all industry standard dimensions.
Function Explanation

一.Embossed carrier tapes
Embossed carrier tapes provide protection from electro-static discharge (ESD) during shipping and handling. J-PAK produces carrier tapes for all popular device size. All products are fully compliant with EIA481 standards. Besides the standard parts, we has technology to manufacture non-standard packages to house specialized parts

.Integrated circuit (IC): TSSOP, MSOP, SOT, sop, QFN, BGA, QFP series.
.Passive device :Capacitor,Resistor,Inductor,Transistor
.Others : LED, Diode, Connector, Oscillator, Optical Lens

.Carrier tape Width :8、 12、 16、 24、 32、 44、 56、 72 (mm)
.Carrier tape Thickness : 0.2 、0.3 、0.35、 0.4 、0.5 (mm)
.Winding type:Single winding、cross winding
.Electric property:Anti-static、Conductive
.Color:Clear (Anti-static)、Black (Conductive)
  二.Cover Tape
  .Type :Heat adhesive 、Pressure sensitive adhesive
.Peeling Force (EIA-481): 10~100 grams/0.6mm (for 8mm width)
               10~130 grams/0.6mm (for 12~56mm width)
.Features:Leave no adhesive residue upon removal.

.Length:200 / 300 Meters/Roll
.Thickness:0.08 mm ( 80 micron )
.Width:Shown as follow (mm)

Carrier Tape 8 12 16 24 32 44 56 72
Cover Tape 5.3 9.3 13.3 21.3 25.5 37.5 49.5 65.5

三.Plastic Reels 
  J-PAK offers a full range of plastic reels that meets EIA standard. The reels are designed to withstand drop and ship ability tests.  Plastic reels use a 3-piece concept.
A special locking mechanism enables 2 pieces of 13” cardboard and a hub to be assembled easily.

.Material:High Impact Polystyrene.(Hi-PS)
.Reel Diameter: 7"、13"
.Hub width (7”) : 8.5、12.5、16.5
.Hub width (13”) : 8.5、12.5、16.5、24.5、32.5、44.5、56.5、72.5

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